Frequently Asked

The following questions are FAQs
about Ready-made Wigs

General Questions & Answers

Q.What is the cost?

Full Wigs from 71,500JPY, Top-piece (Partial Wigs) from 36,300JPY are available.
We provide wide range of product line-up with various styles, prices, materials and sizes.
※Taxes are included.

Q.What are the wigs made of?

We provide 3 types of wigs, which are made of synthetic fibers, human hair or mixed hair of former two.
A synthetic wig can be easy-styled and cared. A wig made of human hair has natural texture and can be set and permed with a hair dryer.
A mixed hair wig has the characteristics of having a natural texture and easy styling.

Q.Is there a case of that it is too tight or skewed?Is the size of a wig adjustable?

Size adjustment is important to make wig a good fit on head and keep the style.
We provide free size adjustment to make a good fit at Fontaine Store.
Please contact us at any time (*Size adjustment for machine-made products need a consultation).

We also provide custom-made wigs which can be ordered to match with customer’s actual size.
As for the other solutions, which are rather simple ways, some of the Fontaine wigs have that kind of function such as a wig with size-adjusting belt (simple adjusting) or a wig cap has an excellent fit itself.
Some of the wigs have clips with them, though if you feel uneasy please use pins.

Q.Is it possible to wear a wig without own hair?

It is possible to wear a wig without own hair by using "Under cap" or "Cotton cap".
It is also possible to put handkarchief or gauze between the wig and scalp.
Please feel free to visit us at the nearest Fontaine store.

Q.I have a wig from another manufacturer, which I cannot wear properly. Can I get any advice from you?

For anything related to wigs of any brand, always feel free to visit one of our stores.
Our specialist will help answer your questions and concerns.

Purchase Process Q&A

Q.May I try on Ready-made Wigs before the purchase?

Please feel free to visit us at the nearest Fontaine store or exhibition for free trial.

How to Select Q&A

Q.What kind of wigs are there?

There is a “Full Wig” which is to cover up all over the head, and a “Half Wig” which does not cover up the above area of both ears and the nape of the neck.
Other products are also available including “Top-Piece” to volumise front and top of the head partially and popular “Hair Extensions” for both casual and formal use.

Q.How to select Top-Piece?

The important thing in selecting a Top-Piece is to choose hair style suitable for own hair and the right size. Make sure that the status of your hair (natural/curled) and the part you are concerning, and then select colour. Please choose the size to cover up larger area than you actually need. You can also select the shape and material of the base. In either case, trying on is the best way for selecting. Please feel free to visit us.

Maintenance after Purchase Q&A

Q.How to care of the wigs?

It can be cared easily at home, just wash with water and exclusive shampoo & conditioner, then leave it to air drying. Please avoid using hot water or a hair dryer on wigs made of Synthetic fibres or mixed hair since they can be damaged by heat. It depends on the season or how to care, though usually even if the wig was for daily use, shampooing once in a week to 10 days would be enough.

Q.What should I do when the waves/curls have gone?

It is considered that the major cause of that would be as follows; dirt, teasing hair too much, brushing when the hair is still wet, shampooing with hot water, etc. A daily care can make waves/curls stay longer, though in the case of you need to restore waves/curls, Fontaine provides the customer service with fee which is to take care of a customer’s wig at store.

Q.Is it possible to change the hair style of a wig after the purchase?

If you use our customer service with fee, you could enjoy various type of hair arranges including hair cut and curls, and for a human hair wig, getting parmed or hair dyeing are also available (hair dyeing is only available for the same/darker and not the lighter compared to the original colour).

Q.How long would a wig last?

It depends on the frequency of use or how to care, though many of our customers tend to use their wigs long time getting maintenance by our customer service with fee from time to time. For everyday use, we recommend to have an alternative wig and use it in turn.